a. Prepar3D® History


gbIn late 2007, the Flight Simulator team announced Microsoft ESP, a development platform for companies that want to create products that use the technology in Flight Simulator. In January 2009 Microsoft closed ACES studio, the group that produced Flight Simulator and other related products. This led to negotiations in November 2009 where Lockheed Martin and Microsoft Corp. entered into an intellectual property (IP) licensing agreement that allows Lockheed Martin to further develop the Microsoft ESP PC-based visual simulation software platform.
Source: Prepa3D®

Read here the progress since the launch of Prepar3D®

  • 2010-Aug:: New website prepar3d.com
  • 2010-Oct.:: Release V1.0 announcement by Nov 1st, 2010
  • 2011-Mar.:: Release V1.1 announcement
  • 2011-May.:: New multiplayer.dll
  • 2011-Jun.:: ORBX supports P3D
  • 2011-Sep.:: Aerosoft supports P3D; Windows 7 compatibility announcement
  • 2011-Oc.t:: REX supports P3D
  • 2012-Mar.:: Release V1.3
  • 2012-Jun.:: REX Essentials supports P3D
  • 2012-Aug.:: Release V1.4 as from Aug. 20th
  • 2012-Oct.:: Wilco Publishing supports P3D
  • 2013-Apr.:: Carenado supports P3D
  • 2013-May.:: FlyTampa, IRIS Simulations and Lian Hearts support  P3D
  • 2013-Aug.:: ELEITE and Flight1 support P3D2.0
  • 2013-Oct.:: Release V2.0 announcement: Sim Director
  • 2013-Nov.:: P3D2.0 released: Windows 8 compatible, multi threading, GPU rendering.
  • 2014-Feb.:: Release V2.1 announcement (11-2-14)
  • 2014-Feb.:: SAITEK partnership as from P3D2.1
  • 2014-Mar.:: Release V2.2 announcement: autogen re-architecture, clouds
  • 2014-Apr.:: P3D V2.2 released @ 7 April
  • 2014-May.:: FTX Global supports P3D
  • 2014-Jun.:: GTN 650/750 Cockpit
  • 2014-Jul.:: Pilatus PC9
  • 2014-Aug.:: Release V2.3 announcement:  improved rendering, new multiplayer system  features, Lightning and shadows, radar, User interfaces, water improvements
  • 2014-Sep.::Release V2.4 with improved rendering and performance, SimDirector
  • 2014-Oct.:: MAJESTIC Software introduces DASH-8 turbo prop; CaptainSim’s 777, ActiveSky ServicePack, A2A AccuSim C172 Trainer, FS Global Weather
  • 2014-Nov.:: FlyTampa introduces Airport Copenhagen, ORBX Palm Springs and a lot of P3D banners.
  • 2014-Dec.:: ORBX EU Norway launched
  • 2014-Dec.:: Fix for cloud issues in P3D24
  • 2015-Jan.:: A2A Cherokee 180; Dev.Update P3D 2.5
  • 2015-Sep.:: Introduction of P3D Release v3

Installing Prepar3D®

When installing P3D, please follow the guidelines as provided by LM. You will find in this blog additional information that will support your download and installation experience. Before you start your installation, run Windows Update  to be sure your Operation System is up to date.

Hereafter you will read the guidelines how to install a clean version of P3D24. For upgrade or update read additional informations provided by LM on your personal P3D web account.

How To Install P3D Without Errors.

  1. Checking the Hardware and Operating System for P3D.
  2. Download P3D and Check sum.
  3. P3D24 Installation with Windows 7/8.
  4. Store the Installer Folder in a save place and back-up.

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