Spoiler Axes: How To Configure

Hello Captains,

in the category FAQ this week a sample of How To Configure Spoiler Axes. There are 2 possibilities: (a) with the Controller in FSX-SE and (b) with the Add-on FSUIPC4.

(a) How To Configure Spoiler Axes with the Controller in FSX-SE.

This sample is the simplest configuration. Will always work and shows also the %-levels of the extended spoilers. Assuming you have a Saitek Throttle Quadrant…

  1. Start FSX-Se in Free flight with aircraft Learjet45
  1. Go to Options-Settings-Controls and tab CONTROL AXES
  2. Select Controller type: Saitek Pro Flight Throttle Quadrant
  3. Select in the Assignment list the line Engine 1 throttle axis
  4. Press the button Change Assignment… and move the middle slider on the TQ
  5. You will see the Y-axis assigned
  6. Repeat for the line Engine 2 throttle axis for the right slider to get the Z-axis
  7. Scroll down to the line Spoiler Axis and assign the left slider AND check-mark Reverse.

    (Depending on the chosen aircraft uncheck Reverse)
  8. If you see any other line assigned in the Axis list, just press Delete Joystick Assignment.
  9. Close with OK
  10. Get in the plane @ Cockpit view and watch the position on your TQ vs the position of the spoilers in the EICAS

Done! This is the most simple way to configure the spoilers.

Preparations for assignment of a spoiler axis with FSUIPC4.

You can visualize the values of the axis position with FSUIPC by showing them on the Tile bar. This is how it works.

Open FSUIPC and select tab Logging. Fill the Offset 0BD0 Type 32, checkmark FS Title Bar and close with OK

This is what you get:

Axis values in FSUIPC4
Position Status           0bd0(S32) RAW   Value
100%     0=Retracted      0         0     +16383
75%      1=AUTOSPLR ARMED 4800      64    +8192
50%      2=               8520      128     0
25%      3=               12850     192   -8192
0%       4=Full           16322     255   -16383

(b) How To Configure A Spoiler Axes with FSUIPC4.

Method 1: without Reverse!

Method 2 with Reverse

Send the Spoilers direct to FSUIPC Calibration and dont forget to check-mark the Reverse.