How reliable is your PC?


  1. Go to Start en type reliab (in W10 NL: betrouw ) in the Search Programs and Files box; give an Enter or
  2. Go to Control Panel-System and Security-Action Center-Reliability Monitor
    ConfiguratieschermSysteem en beveiligingBeveiliging en onderhoudBetrouwbaarheidscontrole
  3. This is what you get: (see above).
  4. Choose either the day or a week to get an overview.
  5. Below the graph you can see the problems that were present in a certain period of time.
  6. Use this feature to get a grip on what when happened.

Problem Step recorder:
The next handsome tool.

  1. Here’s how to record your problems on your screen.
  2. Click Start, immediately type psr, and press Enter. psr stands for Problem Steps Recorder. You can start it from the Control Panel, but this method is a whole lot easier. The Problem Steps Recorder, which resembles a full-screen camcorder, springs to life (see Figure). It isn’t recording yet.
  3. Click Start Record. The recorder starts. You know it’s going because the title flashes “Problem Steps Recorder — Recording Now.”
  4. If you want to type a description of what you’re doing or why or anything else you want your friend to see while he’s looking at your home movie, click the Add Comment button. The recording pauses and the screen grays out a bit. A box appears at the bottom of the screen that says Highlight Problem and Comment. Click the screen wherever your problem may be occurring, and drag the mouse to highlight the problematic location. Type your edifying text in the box and click OK. Recording continues.
  5. When you’re done with the demo, click Stop Record. PSR responds with the Save As dialog box.
  6. Type a name for the file (it’s a regular Zip file) and click Save.
  7. Send the file to your friend…that’s me…or somebody else.
  8. It will surely help you understand what actions you did.

 Windows Update

Do I have to explain why? No. In Control Panel-System and Security-Windows Update you will find the frequently asked questions. Take care that you have always the latest updates for your Windows 7 system on board. If an update fails, don’t panic. Wait for another day or week and retry to update.

Do you have the right patches for every program (excl. FSX) ? An answer to that question is given by Secunia Software inspector (PSI). This piece of free-ware detects and installs missing security patches for your PC. The view shows an aggregated list of programs detected on your PC with the latest Secunia PSI scan. Get it HERE, install it and take advantage of it.

About Security…use the free Microsoft Security Essentials and save your dollars for anything else.

Now we getting somewhere…

Speed is all you need. Your registry is the place where it all is registered. What’s in a name. To keep this registry clean and up to date, clean daily ! Go here and when you’re there, pick at the same time the Defraggler program.

Defrag, defrag, defrag… One file that is dragging you down in speed is the pagefile.sys and new installed scenery and textures. You cannot defrag pagefile.sys when Windows is running. For that reason, when Defraggler is launched, goto Settings>> Boot time defrag and change into  Run Once. The next time when you reboot, pagefile.sys is defragged. Defrag at least weekly. Do not defrag SSD.

Now you’re settled and waiting the errors to come…read more Unstable system – Error Resolution