Due to frequent disappointing results of these applications, FSE discontinued further development.

For those who are still enthusiastic about FSINN, continue reading.

The Flight Sim French Development Team did an amazing good job for our Flightsim Community. However their website  www[dot]mcdu[dot]com as well as the forum has been discontinued. In an  effort to collect the existing documents the next pages and posts will give you the short versions of manuals and links to the related software to use.


Using FSInn and FSCopilot
FSCopilot is necessary for FSInn to operate with FSX.
We use the version FSCopilot 1.7.B2 and FSInn 1.3.B2
If you don’t have them already, you may want to download from our Stora:

  • Operation Manual FSCopilot_1_6_EN
  • Operation Manual FSInn_1_2_EN
  • TAKE CARE: the above mentioned manuals are to be used with previous versions of FSCopilot and FSInn.
  • New manuals for FSCopilot 1.7 and FSInn 1.3 are under contruction.
  • SetupFSCopilot17B2_4.RAR
  • SetupFSInn13B2_3.RAR

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