How to use Event Viewer

Since the introduction of FSX-Se a lot of users are faced with application errors. These errors are registered by Windows and can be retrieved using the Event Viewer. How? In Windows right mouse click the Start button and select Event viewer. If you run W7 just type EVENT  in the text box @ Start. You will get this screen.

The most interesting Error in our case is those errors that occur with FSX-SE. Therefore open +Error and look at the contents of error code 1000 and 1002.

To facilitate a filter on error code 1000 you can make a filter on that code. When you are in the Event Viewer screen, right mouse click on the folder:: Custom Views and select Create Custom View and fill accordingly:

  1. Logged: Last 24 hours
  2. Check box Error
  3. By Source – Event Sources :: Application Error
  4. Includes/Excludes…..fill the error code 1000
  5. Close with OK
    You now have a custom filter on error code 1000 reading as below.