Refresh your knowledge of fsx.cfg

Ronald Vermeij
, a very experienced IT-Pro flightsim enthusiast for over more the 30 years -since Bruce Artwick’s first flightsim- has written a valueable contribution to our community called: 
FSX.CFG Hacking Project – Version 1

It covers all FSX.CFG_CONFIGURATION_SETTINGS that can be found inside and outside the Microsoft Flight Simulator X product.

What is in here?
The collected knowledge inside this document allows you to fully understand control, tweak, all (yet publicly known) settings of Microsoft Flightsimulator X, in such a way that you don’t become dependable of  tools that other people have developed for you. This document enables the FSX end-user to completely configure this wonderful flight-simulator.

You can download the Dutch version and the English version from dutchfs.