How to remove the old FSX before installing FSX-SE

Before you start with the installation of FSX-SE it is our recommendation to uninstall the previous FSX version. FSX is dead! Be happy with Steam! Read the easy way to remove your previous FSX installation.

  1. The easy way:
    1. Go to Start/Program and Features/ and select the previous FSX installation in Uninstall or change a program.
    2. Uninstall FSX and when you have FSX+SP2 installed, it will return with FSX-SP1. Check the version number.
    3. Now, uninstall again FSX; it will no longer be in the list of Programs and Features.
    4. Clean your registry with CCleaner or another registry cleaner and repeat the cleaning until there are  zero faults.
    5. The remaining folders in the still existing FSX installation folder contains important stuff that you added previously (FSUIPC Key, aircraft, add-on scenery, a.s.o.).
    6. Rename you rinstallation folder and move it to your backup location. You will need it later on.
    7. Reboot the system and ceck if all the previous registrations are gone in the registry; therefore use the TweakFSX Registry tool as mentioned HERE. Try to find the previous FSX path. If there’s nothing found, you’re clean and then install FSX-SE else you need to go into the registry manualy and delete the remaining registry entry as indicated in the tool. You will read the registry key as HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE_SOFTWAREMicrosoft…and the installation path of y0ur previous installation
    8. How to get into the registry? In Windows 8 just type regedit @Start and hit ENTER
    9. [tweakfs01]

Only delete the registry entries shown here, when uninstalling boxed version of FSX.
Once FSX:SE is then installed, this entry will be present again – so don’t delete it after the installation of FSX-SE! …
Only delete it just 
before you do a clean install of FSX-SE