P3D24 Installation and Windows 7/ 8

  1. Downloading Prepar3D®
    1. After you downloaded your zip file(s) from your personal P3D account into your standard Windows download location [e.g. C:/Users/*your_name*/Downloads you must first do the MD5 checksum and then extract the zipfile(s).p3d-23-extracting
  2. Extracting the Prepar3D® Client Installer
    1. Extract the files into the same folder  where you have saved the downloads.
      If you chose another folder, you will run into an Error 1355 later on @ installation.p3d-23-extracted
  3. After you extracted the zipped files, you will find a folder named

Upgrading or clean install of the Prepar3D® Client

  1. If you have a previous version of P3D installed, go to step 2 else go to step 4
  2. Upgrading an existing P3D Installation:
    1. Before you start to run the setup.exe, (and NOT the .msi !!) you better uninstall other previous P3D installation;
    2. To uninstall, go to your Start Menu, Control Panel, and open Programs and Features. Select Prepar3D from the list of programs and click the Uninstall button on the menu bar. Follow the on screen prompts to uninstall Prepar3D®.
    3. Uninstalling will remove all P3D related files except the ones you added manually. There will be a remaining folder with content; save these for later use if you like.
    4. Manually delete (and or save some content) the following folders:
      C:/Program Files (x86)/Lockheed Martin/Prepar3D (or the modified install location)
      C:/ProgramData/Lockheed Martin/Prepar3D
      C:/Users/*USERNAME*/AppData/LocalLockheed Martin/Prepar3D
      C:/Users/*USERNAME*/AppData/Roaming/Lockheed Martin/Prepar3D
      C:/Users/*USERNAME*/Documents/Prepar3D Files
  3. Restart your PC and continue with step 4
  4. Clean install P3D v2.4.11570.0
    1. In the folder Prepar3D_v2_Academic_2.4.11570.0_Full right mouse click Setup.exe…(don’t use the .msi (!)..Yes to continue… let it run…Donep3d22-02
    2. Directly after installation, go to your installation folder of P3D24, right mouse click prepar3d.exe and Run as administrator. (Read 2.4.11570.0 Setup instead)p3d22-03p3d22-04p3d22-05p3d22-06p3d22-07
    3. If there is a need for activation, follow the screen elsep3d22-08
    4. Check the working of the program .
    5. Exit P3D
  5. Clean registry, defrag (do not defrag SSD)
  6. Make a full system backup before you start adding all your add on crap!
  7. Restart your system…launch P3D24…as Administrator
  8. If you have a shortcut on your desktop, right mouse click  the properties of the shortcut and check the box in the CompatibilityTab/Setting as Run as administrator. The link is stored in  Windows 8 location C:ProgramDataMicrosoftWindowsStart MenuProgramsLockheed MartinPrepar3D
  9. You may want to read the extended Download and Installation Directions which resides in your personal P3D account screen.
  10. When all is done you must store your zip(s) and installer folder in a save place.
  11. Go here for the last step.