Download P3D and MD5 Check sum

Download P3D and MD5 Check sum

  • Go to this link. (Will only work when P3D is ordered!)
  • First of all check that the licenses you ever bought are on this page. Older version show at the bottum of your account page.
  • Step 1: download the instruction pdf and by all means: read them before you go!
  • Step 2: decide what you have to download:
    a. When you have already v2.3 running. just download the patch to v2.4; you can use the patch when your current version is v2.3.11345.0 OTHERWISE:
    b. It is recommended to download the full version, where you can download the Full zip (being 10,6 GB) OR the individual components.
  • Step 3: Download the file(s) into your standard Windows download location which looks like C:UsersyournameDownloads
    See Sample below and observe the version number v2.4.11570.0  Full.zipp3d-24-download


You will find your personal MD5 checksum on your Purchased Download page.

  • Step 4: After downloading the zip file(s), check the MD5 values.
    • To check the MD5 Check sum of the zip files, go here.
    • Download this FastSum program.
  • Sample:
  • Step 5: OK so far? If you see any discrepancy in YOUR MD5 Checksum/State, download the related zip again until the MD5sum matches.
  • The fact that your MD5 values are correct does not guarantee that the extract process that follows hereafter will be without failures.
  • Now get back to the next post to continu with the installation.