P3D 2.3.11345 Installation

After downloading your new 2.3 version please check the MD5 sum. If you don’t get the correct Fastsum MD5 value….don’t proceed ! If you do…you will get stuck!
How to check the MD5 checksum? Read this page.p3d23-00


When that’s done, start setup.exe, closely observe the screens that are passing your eyes. Select your installation folder from previous P3D22 and go!
W8.1:: If Windows Explorer (Windows 8.x) is blocking any action, select “More info” and proceed.p3d23-01


After a while……p3d23-02


Then you get an update for the Object Flow Module:p3d23-04


Restart Prepar3D.exe (as administrator !) Done.p3d23-05


If you have chosen the correct installation path, the files are overwritten and no other installation of the add-ons is required.

CRASHES caused by earlier versions of FSUIPC4 which are not compatible with P3D23:
If you experience any crashes, first disable FSUIPC4 with a dollar sign (rename his file into $FSUIPC4.dll) and restart the sim. It should run now without any error.
Download Version 4.936 as from Aug 18th, 2014