LINDA Lesson 4 Consolidating macros

If you did not read the previous lessons, please do. This post is about how to consolidate our earlier made macros into one single macro for a specific aircraft.

When you observe the lines in the macro file with a text editor, this is what you could see and pay attention to the line” Module=”


As long as there are other macros of which the module name is the same, you can combine the statements hereafter into one macro. Only change the numeric value at the beginning of the line. This is how it looks in LINDA after you assigned the macro:

LINDA-11.PNG[Macros] Module=”Bendix_King_Radio.DLL” 1=AP_ON=RX2900*Xa1cc 2=AP_HDG=RX2940*Xa1cc 3=AP_NAV=RX2980*Xa1cc 4=AP_ALT=RX2a40*Xa1cc 5=AP_APR=RX29c0*Xa1cc 6=AP_REV=RX2a00*Xa1cc 7=UP=RX2ac0*Xa1cc 8=DOWN=RX2a80*Xa1cc 9=GPS=RX2230*Xa1cc 10=APR=RX29c0*Xa1cc

When it runs…it runs and you can delete the previous created single line macros.