LINDA Lesson 3 Creating Macro’s

For the purpose of this lesson we use our Logitech Joystick and will create a macro to activate the Autopilot. First check in the Standard.XML if the joystick events are gone…else delete them and close and save the file. (If you are lost here already…please read previous lessons).

  1. Next Start FSX, with a C172, in Cockpit view (or  press shift+2)
  2. Open Add-ons and select FSUIPC
  3. Activate the tab Buttons + Switches and down below
  4. Press the button Create Mouse Macro
  5. You get a sub screen that asks you to fill a name: AP_ON;
  6. Close with OK and close FSUIPC Options and Settings with OK.
  7. Before you do, observe that the earlier named buttun Create Mouse Macro has changed into:….we get back later.
  8. You must be in  cockpit view and now do exactly what you should do to activate the AP.
  9. LINDA-08.PNGPress with your mouse the button AP in the Autopilot. The very moment you press this button, in the left upper corner of your FSX a green bar appears with the following text –>
  10. Press the TAB on your keyboard to verify that the function is working correctly. The AP light will swap.
  11. Then, if OK, enter the name that you previous choose for this macro: AP_ON and close with ENTER
  12. Next step: Get into FSUIPC Buttons + Switches and
  13. Press the button End Macro Making.

Thats all there is.

Check, double check…

  1. Open your ../Modules folder and find the file called AP_ON.MCRO
  2. Right mouse open this file with and editor…this is what you have composed:


Good job.
3. Close the file.
4. Now activate LINDA  that has recognized the joystick in the same time. Press FSX-sync
5. Press button 7 on the joystick and press empty to select in the column On Press:: Set FSUIPC Macro
6. Select AP_ON in the field area Macro files found and then in Available macros: AP_ON
7. Now look in your cockpit view what is happening when pressing key 7 on your joystick…
8. Now create a macro for activating the HDG button in the AP in the same way.


This is what you could have created: the “M” before a statement refers to a macro.
These 2 statements are not present in the *FSX Default.LINDA-10.PNG


Problems? Give me buzz.

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