LINDA Lesson 2 Create Aircraft Module

Last week we wrote Linda Lesson 1. If you are a beginner with LINDA and did not read this, please do, otherwise you will get disconnected in understanding what’s going on.
A short refresh. In order to use LINDA with any piece of hardware, you must de-activate the contents of that hardware in the file Standard.XML as long as it concerns key assigments. Since FSX is creating a new Standard.XML when you remove all the hardware statements from the joystick sections, you have to start all over again. The instruction for use of LINDA is incorrect at this point. So, open the Standard.XML and remove only the key assignments from your joystick. Leave the settings in FSX where it concerns the Controls as “enabled”.
Don’forget: the file Standard.XML resides in C:UsersyournameAppDataRoamingMicrosoftFSXControls

This is what you should get if you follow my sample. First the basics…later on we will do the trics.

<Name>Logitech Extreme 3D{8BCFF350-AAE9-11E3-8001-444553540000}</Name>

LINDA-01Next observations: the files that LINDA creates, where you can find them and what they do.
Since we deleted all our key statements from the joystick, nothing will work, except the axis and POV switch.

All the files LINDA needs or creates, are in your Modules folder and since you will be visiting this location frequently, it would be handsome to create a shortcut to your desktop: right mouse click on the Modules folder in FSX and from the context menu: Sent to Desktop (create shortcut)…that will save you some time…LINDA-04.PNG

LINDA-05.PNGNow start FSX, C172 and LINDA and selection *FSX Default will pop up automatically. You will get the list you created in lesson 1. Take notice that on the right of *FSX Default there is a little button FSX-sync.

LINDA-04For the exercise push the button and see the differences  in function with or without FSX -sync. With FSX-sync pressed you get an orange colored button and at the same time the drop down menu is blocked.


You want an aircraft specic file in LINDA. At the left of *FSX Default there is a button called “New” to create a new aircraft module. Press New, give a Module name. In the big white center field a list of all your airplanes is populated from ../Simobjects/Airplanes. If you want to do a search…search, else select C172. For now, select Copy from existing *FSX Default and press Create. Done.  If you get an error message, ignore it.

Next step…check what has happened.
Open the ../Modules folder/linda/aircrafts and search the folder called C172.
You wil find one file: ident.lua…
There you get your error message! A file actions.lua is missing.
Copy the file actions.lua from the D:/FSX/Modules/linda/data/template/saircraft into the new made folder D:/FSX/Modules/linda/aircrafts/C172
Close LINDA and restart the app…it will show the Joystick with *FSX Default selection.
Press FSX-sync button and the standards from FSX are now visible with a * up front. OK?
You cannot delete or change * values in a specific profile OR you must do that in  *FSX Default status.LINDA-07.PNG

Continue reading more in lesson_3 or start with lesson_1