SPAD was initial developed by Massimo early 2010. Due to time constrains development of SPAD has come to an end. We like to thank Massimo for his excellent work and contribution to the flight sim community.
When you want to visit the old SPAD forum.

The source code is released; continous development is in place. Read the SPAD.neXt page

April 1st 2014
Souce code released.
Spad deserves a new maintainer, and; Yes ! I know it’s april the 1st… but the source code is seriously released 🙂

v0.5.1 July 22nd,2012
New Features:
– Profile import. Added ability to import setups from other profiles.

– Added “A/P P/RST”, “A/T P/RST” and “FMC P/RST” tiles (these tiles are PMDG NGX Specific).
– New fancy higher resolution icon. 🙂
– Moved BIP Setup color preview from main form to setup form.

Bug Fixes:
– Fixed NGX support for “FUEL LOW” BIP tile.
– Fixed the Virtual Button 7-15-23-31 bug. (OMG this was a very old one !).
– Fixed a Virtual Button bug in Switchpanel routines (….. another old one).


v0.5.0 July 14th, 2012
New Features:
– BIP Support.
– Multipanel Course selection: fixed CRS1 / CRS2 (for use with multiple panels) or selectable through Radiopanel.

– SpecialModes now are bound to a “Profile” instead of a “Multipanel”. ===>>> CHECK YOUR CONFIG <<<===
– Engine selection using Radiopanel selector extended to: magnetos selector, ALT, FUEL PUMP, DE-ICE and COWL.
– Added new ADF Active/Standby modes. Especially suitable for the NGX.
– Switchpanel support for NGX:  added Gear and Lights support.
– Multipanel support for NGX: added “A/P P/RST”, “A/T P/RST” and “FMC P/RST” buttons.
– User interface position check (no more invisible user interface when a screen is removed/repositioned).
– Improved Radiopanel knob smoothness.
– Huge USB performance improvement (much better responsiveness using many panels especially on slow 1.1 USB ports).
– SPAD now quits correctly during Windows shutdown.

Bug Fixes:
– Fixed Radiopanel barometric regulation when NGX Special Mode is active.
– Fixed a problem switching between profiles with and without SpecialMode.
– Fixed COWL switch orientation (previously inverted).
– Fixed a bug in engine selection. Now ony Radiopanel1 change the engine.
– Fixed a bug preventing rotary knob acceleration to work on lower Radiopanel knob.
– Fixed COM2 standby frequency rounding bug


v0.4.3 June 6th, 2012
New Features:
– Added PMDG NGX Special Mode for Multipanels ===>>> PLEASE !!!! READ THE MANUAL TO ENABLE THIS FEATURE <<<===

Bug Fixes:
– Fixed gear warning lights on Switchpanels using Prepar3D


v0.4.2 June 3rd, 2012
New Features:
– Added support for Lockeed Martin Prepar3D

Bug Fixes:
– Fixed panels detection routine. No more duplicated panels.


Bug Fixes:
– Fixed a silly bug breaking the engine starter selector on Switch Panels
– Added a link to the manual

New Features:
– Special Modes, a new way to manage the MultiPanel. Basically Spad controls Special Modes through specific aircraft SDK instead of FSUIPC.
Actually available only for the Leonardo Maddog, next release will include the LevelD 767. Other aircraft may be included if an SDK is available.
===>>>> PLEASE, read the manual for details about Special Modes <<<<<=========
– Added Long and short Click support for the Radio and Multi Panel. Click threshold is customizable in General Options window.
– Added support for ADF1 / ADF2
– Added engine selection for Switch Panel starter selector
– windows are no more centered on the screen, instead last position is stored in spad.ini (should fix a problem with extremely high resolution display)
– Added a check to avoid loading of multiple instances.
– Changed ACT/STBY button behaviour in XPDR mode ===>>>> PLEASE, read the manual for details <<<<<=======
– Altimeter regulation is now by 1 mBar step in mBar mode
– Improved manual

Bug Fixes:
– Fixed a frequency rounding bug on radio panels
– Fixed a bug in ADF mode not using acceleration for outer knob
– Fixed crash double-clicking tray icon when a modal window is open
– Fixed many minor user interface visualization bugs

– added retractable gear detection for FSX and a flag to disable gear warning lights on FS9 for aircraft without retractable gear
– added panels switch off when Avionics Master or Battery is off.
– changed the default data modified by de-ice switch (now the switch manages anti-ice or carb heater from engine 1 to engine 4)

– added ad option to set DME Time or DME Speed in Radio Panel DME Mode

– fixed a bug in automatic affinity setup. Now on 4 or more cores cpu affinity is set correctly.
– fixed a bug crashing spad on selector change when multiple Radio Panels are connected
– fixed a visualization bug when multiple panels of the same type are connected

– Added the TAB key as a qualifier for keystrokes emulation. Needed for compatibility with LevelD aircrafts.
New features:
– added full profiles support with automatic Aircraft detection (config file structure is changed)
– added a status bar to show FSUIPC status and version, FS version and aircraft currently in use
– added trim and flaps reverse
– added altimeter regulation scale customization (toggle, fixed hPa or fixed inHg)
– added setting to autostart spad when windows start and autoquit when Flight Simulator stops.
– added capability to manage process priority and affinity mask. (needed for smooth operation on certain systems)
– added DME multiple display modes: DME1 and DME2 – DME1 Distance and speed – DME2 Distance and speed
– added ADF frequency step setting

– completely rewritten acceleration algorithm, now the setting is more progressive and acceleration response more predictable
– FSUIPC virtual button speed greatly improved.
– added a button to send FSUIPC Virtual Buttons event to Flight Simulator. This feature is needed by FSUIPC Button learning function

Bug Fixes:
– fixed frequency stepping in radio panel, matching now real world radios (COM 25Khz, NAV 50Khz)
– Removed some exception traps to better address libraries problems
– added automatic installation tool
– Fixed bug crashing Spad when rotary are moved before fs start
v0.2 – 20100206
– Greatly improved rotary knob responsiveness
– Better tuned Trim responsiveness
– Fixed Multipanel missed keyboard event bug
– Fixed Trim orientation bug
v0.1 – 20100206
– First public release