fsx.cfg with AMD Radeon HD7900 series

Hello Captains,
UPON REQUESTS: a short review how to manage fsx.cfg and get the most out of your video card… in this case the AMD Radeon 7970.
( i7-920 @ 3.6GHz OC 6GB SSD1-OS-W8.1  SSD2-FSX-P3D-FTXGLOBAL)

  1. Go to C:UsersyournameAppDataRoamingMicrosoftFSX and find the fsx.cfg file
  2. Rename your file into fsx_org.cfg in case you want to restore previous file.
  3. Start FSX
    1. Go to Options > Settings > Display >
      1. Graphics Tab:
        1. Target frame rate: 30
        2. Full screen resolution: 1920x1080x32 (or other resolution but always x32!)
        3. Filtering Trilinear (remember Device: all video devices: 0.0//0 .1)
        4. Global texture resolution: Very High
        5. Preview DirectX 10: unchecked
        6. Lens flare: checked or unchecked
        7. Light bloom: unchecked
        8. Advanced animations: checked or unchecked
      2. Aircraft Tab
        1. Global settings: Medium High
        2. Show cockpit Tooltips: unchecked
      3. Scenery Tab
        1. Global settings: High
        2. Water effects: Low 2.x
        3. Scenery complexity: Very dense
        4. Autogen density: Very dense
      4. Weather Tab
        1. Global setings: Ultra high
        2. Thermal visualization: Natural
      5. Traffic Tab
        1. All sliders to the left and all boxes unchecked for now.
      6. THEN close with OK and save the flight as “test” flight. Exit FSX
  4. Go to C:UsersyournameAppDataRoamingMicrosoftFSX and find the fsx.cfg file
  5. Edit the new created fsx.cfg in the [SECTION] with:
    1. [GRAPHICS]
    2. [DISPLAY]
    3. [Main]

Now run FSX with the “test” flight once to see the result (C172 KSEA ALT=1000)
You should see a smooth picture with about 25+ fps.

OK? Close FSX.

Now, either you have an AMD or a Nvidia video card read more:

Open the AMD CCC and go to Gaming > 3D Application Settings, there select Add… and browse to your fsx.exe file. Install the app settings as in the image below.

If you want the same configuration in Nvidia follow the next images: