FSXP3D World Navaids Installer

With credits to our Captain who searched and found the program to adapt scenery.bgl’s and intersection fixes.
Source: http://www.aero.sors.fr and all the credits for Herve’s  excellent work.
It’s worth a donation!

World Fixes  (INTersections)


On this website http://www.aero.sors.fr/navint.html you wil find the World Fixes Package with filename: WorldINT.zip (2,98 MB) Unzip the file and place the WorldINT.BGL in your FSXAddon Sceneryscenery folder. Check if the Addon Scenery box is already checked in the scenery library.

Navaids fixes

URSS-oldDuring the Olympics we flew to URSS (Sochi) and guess what…the VOR ADL 112.70 was placed in FSX on another spot on the map vs. FSCommander. But how to land with a VOR-DME when it’s 30 degrees out of line? Read more.URSS-FSC95

Download the FSX/P3D Navaids Package Installer v5.10 and read the instructions how to manage the installer. For this airport URSS  check the Middle East box and update the NVX02070.bgl and see the results: in the right upper corner of the photo, there is your VOR-DME !URSS-newvor11270urss

The VOR is now correctly place on the map: