Saitek Yoke – Internal wiring broken

Sometimes you think you have a bargain. But it turns out that the wiring is cut. With these images, we can help you on your way to a working yoke. Click on the image to enlarge the text inside.IMG_2271A
IMG_2270AYou will find 3 little cable trees, marked I – II and III. In this case the cable tree III was cut and a white wire  in cable tree I was missing in the shaft. The left handle of the yoke (where the knob E is) has a cable tree with 8 wires. The middle one and the right cable tree have 10 wires. Pull slightly on the wire to observe which bundle is moving. Be careful moving the wiring.IMG_2277After restoration you have 2 wires which are not connected: a purple from string I and an orange wire from string III. Put a wrap on the cable bundle to prevent breaking the wires from the printed board caused by moving the yoke.IMG_2272The external power connection EN=yellow to TP3 VBUS EN     +5V=red     GND=blackIMG_2269IMG_2267Color codes used for wiring:
0=black 1=brown 2=red 3=orange 4=yellow 5=green 6=blue 7=purple 8=grey 9=white