Saitek Yoke – Internal wiring broken

Sometimes you think you have a bargain. But it turns out that the wiring is cut. With these images, we can help you on your way to a working yoke. Click on the image to enlarge the text inside.

You will find 3 little cable trees, marked I – II and III. In this case the cable tree III was cut and a white wire  in cable tree I was missing in the shaft. The left handle of the yoke (where the knob E is) has a cable tree with 8 wires. The middle one and the right cable tree have 10 wires. Pull slightly on the wire to observe which bundle is moving. Be careful moving the wiring.

After restoration you have 2 wires which are not connected: a purple from string I and an orange wire from string III. Put a wrap on the cable bundle to prevent breaking the wires from the printed board caused by moving the yoke.

The external power connection EN=yellow to TP3 VBUS EN     +5V=red     GND=blackColor codes used for wiring:
0=black 1=brown 2=red 3=orange 4=yellow 5=green 6=blue 7=purple 8=grey 9=white