Switch Panel

The Switch panel works simply like expected. Every switch controls the related function.
Pay attention to switch position when starting SPAD: Switch Panel can’t be interrogated about switch position, every switch state is passed to SPAD when the first switch changes, so after the first change every function is set according to switches positions.

The SPAD Switch Configuration settings are discussed in the articles.

Using Flight Simulator 2004 SPAD is not able to detect if an aircraft is equipped with retractable landing gear. To let SPAD manage correctly the landing gear warning lights you have to specify if the aircraft in use has retractable gear. Using profiles it’s possible to set the correct gear setup for every aircraft. Configuration is foreseen on the Gear Warning section of the SPAD Switch Configuration window.

Many engine related functions can be configured to control all engines or only the currently selected engine.
To select an engine SPAD uses the Upper Row function selector position of the first Radiopanel:
Com1 = Engine 1 – Com2 = Engine 2 – Nav1 = Engine 3 – Nav2 = Engine 4

If you don’t have a Radiopanel you are not able to select a specific engine, so the “Apply single engine selection to” options are grayed out.