Cables and Connections

All cables between a cable modem, a router or switch and to other network connections are so called “straight” cables.
This kind of cable you cannot use between 2-PC’s!  If you want to connect PC <-> PC, you need a so called “cross-cable” .

How and what to do:
Cut about 2 inches /5 centimeter from the outside isolation;
Take care not to damage the isolation of the wiring.


Untwist the wires as:
utpconnector11. Orange/White
2. Orange
3. Green/White
4. Blue
5. Blue/White
6. Green
                            7. Brown/White
                            8. Brown

Cut the wires to approx 10 mm and move the wires as indicated in the drawing; check the position before you use the RJ-45 plier!

Do you need a cross cable?
rj45_toolFirst make on one end a straight connection as above; the other end of the cable has a different color sequence:
1. Green/White
2. Green
3. Orange/White
4. Blue
5. Blue/White
6. Orange
7. Brown/White
8. Brown