How to use FSCopilot and FSInn

How to connect (the short version)

  • After activating FSX and  selecting via Add-ons-FSCopilot-Inn Control panel, you can connect to the FSD Server. You need a personal FSUIPC4 license.

  • Wait until the FSInn Aircraft loading is completed…it takes a while…
testflight fsinn03
testflight fsinn04
  • fsd4w04In the FSInn Control panel select: Set
  • In the next screen Inn Settings select Network
  • Use position Net3
  • Fill your ID and Password together with Net Label and Server (Control Panel will change)
  • Check the server availability in the field Connection when selecting the server in the Inn Control Panel
    Connection pending  to Connected IP > …bling blong…
    Connection failed > Error Connection Timed Out >
    …bleep… bleep…
    Connection-Standby > waiting for you to connect.
  • Close screen Inn Settings
  • In the Inn Control Panel select CAVOK to check the availability of weather information
  • To connect, press one of the available servers >> green text
  • To disconnect, press the name of the server>> green disappears
  • If you have a router in between open TCP/UDP 6809-3010-3011
testflight fsinn02