How to install FSCopilot and FSInn

Without reading, the installation of FSCopilot and FSInn is self explaining. However we created some posts with additional info. The “old” versions of the manual will do for the moment.

Sequence of installation
First start the installation of FSCopilot then FSInn; during the installation the question shows up about having a VATSIM account. No VATSIM account? Press Cancel.

IMPORTANT: Disable UAC, Virusscanner before the install procedures.


welcome fscopilot beta2 1.7

[choose install location]

fsinnstall (11)

[cpu optmization]

fsinnstall (12)

[running installation]

fsinnstall (10)

[Installation complete]fsinnstall (9)

Installation of FSInn Beta 2 version 1.3




fsinnstall (8)

[license agreement]

fsinnstall (7)

[text license agreement]

This is what is says: (translation corre4ctions made by the author)


FSInn is standalone software for Flight Simulator FS2002, FS2004 and FSX.

Be advised: Remote requests

FSInn includes 3 features doing remote access to remote FSFDT server or other servers of your choice depending on your settings.

– One access is to get you public IP to solve Peer to Peer address resolution when behind routers.

– One access is to query a server, currently FSFDT, to retrieve info’s about an aircraft installed on your computer. The exchange is done anonymously, except in case of erroneous aircraft. We download info’s from a remote server to get ICAO aircraft designator, ICAO airline designation, Aircraft specs, Aircraft Wave on aircraft installed on your flight simulator. To exchange aircraft info, we generate unique aircraft ids, this ID generation algorithm may fails, its why, during beta you must allow us to send on erroneous aircraft, your email so we can contact you to ask you info’s about that particular aircraft, to help make FSInn better. In any case, except non erroneous aircrafts while in beta, we are able to tell what aircraft you have on your computer.

– One access is to get or submit flight plans, the flight plans engine or interface will be provided as source to any organization or virtual airline wish to integrate a FSInn compatible flight plan management engine to their website. While submit or getting flight plan, we send you email address; this email address is a light identification mode to know who did submit a flight plan and to retrieve your private flight plans.
Be advised: Peer to Peer.
Peer to Peer is a feature enabling you to fly in real-time refreshment with fellows while connected to a normal network.
Peer to Peer is made to transfer faster info’s from one aircraft to the other, and avoiding servers to use massive bandwidth just for your convenience.
Peer to Peer doesn’t any personal and/or coded info’s, we are ready to provide as much as necessary info’s about it.
Be advised: UPnp Routers.
FSInn supports UPnp router from any Windows version, Windows 98 to Windows 2003.
FSInn is also able to run without UPnp or UPnp disabled.
FSInn uses UPnp to automatically map port forwarding from UPnp routers to local computer, without any router administration.
This port forwarding is used for Peer to Peer inbound connections.
We generally use the port 10239/udp, a usually used port.
FSInn doesn’t map any sensible port thru UPnp, like WINS ports.
Feel free to analyze and doing reverse engineering on our network traffic exchange, we will reply priority to any request about it.

The Flight Simulator French Development Team

Remarks: the FSFDT is discontinued.

[Warning CPU optimizations]

fsinnstall (6)

[choose network]

fsinnstall (5)


fsinnstall (4)

[running installation]

fsinnstall (3)

[installation complete]

fsinnstall (2)

The installation is now completed.

Depending on your situation FSInn has installed an extra folder called ..FS, in the root of your disk where FSX is installed. In the folder E:FSModules you will find a file called FSCopilot.dll. Move that file into in the..FSXModules folder. This will create later a submenu in FSXAdd-ons menu bar

running inn control panel

[running Inn Control Panel]

Now launch FSX in a free flight with C172, on the menu bar select Add-ons and there select FSCopilot >> Inn Control Panel. A little Control Panel will pop-up and the FSCopilot is Processing Aircraft. Let it run. During the process you will get an error message as below. Just ignore this message, since we are waiting to interact with Windows Firewall.

[error message : FSFDT Control Panel]

fsfdt control panel eror

When you get  this FSX message after installing: ”Component ‘VATSIMVL.ocx’ or one of its dependencies not correctly registered: a file is missing or invalid”, ignore this message.

At the end of the configuration cycle you will get a Firewall warning that you have to accept. Your installation is completed: check the folders and files; it should look as below. You will see an Inn Plane message and the little Control Panel.

[Windows Security Alert]

windows security alert

[Control Panel and Inn Plane]

control panel and inn plane

Take care: the INN PLANE screen could cover the CONTROL PANEL

[showing folders and files]

showing folders and files

[add statement to dll.xml]

dll modification
dll txt

Create this text for the FSCopilot.dll in dll.xml. You will find the dll.xml in ..AppDatRoamingMicrosoftFSX

Folder Security Properties of the folder C:Program Files (x86)FSFDT

The installation of both FSCopilot an FSInn completed with certain security properties that prevent the program to run properly. Since you installed the program as Run as administrator, th eproperties of the usergroup Administrators is OK. However you are running the pc as a User. This implies that certain permission are not given to you as member of the User group. In fact you don’t have full control. We gonna change that.


Go to the folder C:Program Files (x86)FSFDT and right mouse click the Security properties of that folder WITH YOUR USER NAME [Users(Jan-PCUsers)]
Click the Edit button and again Users
Mark Full control and Apply and you will see that in the Permission for Users you get 3 more checks.

Now click on the Advanced button. A second screen will pop up called Advanced Security Settings for FSFDT. In the 2nd line you see that you are not the Owner of the folder (and the files in it).
Select Change to take ownership of the folder.
In the screen Select User or Group type your user name (jan) and press Check Names
The correct name will show up. Close with OK and now you are the Owner of the folder
Check the box Replace owner on subcontainers and objects and Apply. You will see a new line to appear with Full control which applies to This folder, subfolders and filesLast action: select this line and check the box Replace all child object permission entries bla bla and Apply. Close with OK

Check check double check!
Take any of the files or folder in the FSFDT folder string, right mouse click the security properties of any file and observe that you as a User has Full control. OK? Well done.

And now the reason: working with servers in the Set tabs of Control Panel the system tries to store changed information in the ini files. However from nature you as a User does not had the control to do so and as a consequence every time you start FSCopilot you have to change the information again and again.


The FSInnNet2.ini file: this is the typical contents in C:Program Files (x86)FSFDTFSCopilotFSInn


With this contents you should get connected to the 24/7 Apollo server. If so, copy the file, rename it into FSInnNet1, (or else) change the contents to your local server environment and you are all set after a restart.