3 FSD Server and Ubuntu

  • First of all we will install a Linux OS on a Windows machine
    • Go to http://www.ubuntu.com and download the 32 bits or 64 bits version.
    • You get 32 bits version like: ubuntu-12.04.2-desktop-i386.iso.
    • Decompress this file with WinRar.
    • In the root of the created folder double click wubi.exe to start the installation of Ubuntu with Linux 3.5.0-34
    • This will create a dual-boot on your machine which will take about 18 GB disk space.
    • Create a user name and password for Ubuntu. [Write it down !].
    • Depending on your CPU speed the Linux OS installation takes about 4 minutes or less to install.
  • Restart your PC and wait the Ubuntu screen…let it run and read the information screens during the system installation. You might want to scroll through these pages with the left/right arrows. The system installation is completed after approx. 15 minutes and the system will restart automatically.
  • Choose Ubuntu in the OS selection menu
    • In the opening screen you will be asked to enter your previous created password and in a few seconds you will see the Ubuntu Desktop.  Have a look around and discover the possibilities.
    • If there is any update information to collect, say “Yes” and proceed.
      Changes in the system must be authenticated with your password.
    • Set up an e-mail account…ready to go!
  • Ubuntu One: you’ve got 5 GB free storage from Ubuntu in your personal cloud.
    Select Ubuntu One from the task bar and install this application. A handsome place to store documents which you never want to loose…
  • Install Compiler: in order to be able to compile the files that we will download later on, you need to install the C++ Compiler.
    Select Ubuntu Software Center and type “g++”(without quotes) in the search field. The system will return with GNU C++compiler; click the line and install the software.
  • So far so good…now let’s install FSD. Let’s go to the next page.

[insert pic system settings]2016