1 FSD for Unix and Windows

FSD for Unix and Windows

This distrib is made to make a single source for FSD on Unix and Windows

You will find this file in our download area

to compile fsd for unix :
move to fsd subfolder : cd fsd
make the project : make
the fsd will be generated in unix directory
clean the project : make clean

to compile fsd for windows :
launch Visual Studio 6 (or above) with fsd/fsd.dsw
the fsd Release will be generated in windows directory
clean the project removing generated Debug or Release folder
For Windows :
There is scripts to run interactivly FSD, install and run FSD as a service, uninstall the service

For Unix :
Look fsd.sh to install fsd as autostart at server boot
Launch ./fsd_d.sh to launch fsd as daemon process
Launch killfsd.sh to kill the daemon