Get lost in the abbreviations? 
Here is a list of frequently used Abbreviations


CDU: Control Display Unit.
A unit with a display and control knobs to be able to enter the route ( flight path) into a FMC (Flight Managment Computer).FMC: Flight Management Computer.
This computer controls the movements and the engines ofv the airplane.SID: Standard Instrument Departure. (Is also called departure route)
This is de flight path from de departure runway via aa number of waypoints to the first waypoint of the Route.Route: is a the flight path via sequense of waypoints.
The first waypoint is the end of the SID.
The last waypoint is the beginning of the STAR.

STAR: STandard Arrival Route ( Arrival Route)
This is the flight patth from the last waypoint of the ROUTE to the arrival runway.

LSK: Line Selection Key on the CDU (marked L or R and followed by 1./.6)

TCAS: Traffic alert and Collision Avidance System

TA/RA: sets the TCAS system to provide you with both
traffic advisory and resolution advisory messages.
TAs simply alert you to the presence of traffic,
RAs give you commands to follow during a conflict to provide separation.