Setting Permissions To Folders

When you need Full permissions in a folder, sometimes your permission as a User (not as an Administrator) is blocked.

Please read in the next sample of the folder C:Program FilesWinRar and see how to change permissions. Click on the images to enlarge.

This is the situation: in this folder WinRar the user named Users on Jan-PC has no full control of the files inside the folder. Click on Advanced button and then on the tab Owner of the screen to come.

The Current Owner is indicated as Administrators on (Jan-PCAdministrators).
We will first change the owner of the folder by selecting here the Edit button.

On the Owner tab select Jan(Jan-PCJan), check the box Replace owner on sub containers and objects, give Apply and then…you get this warning.


Now you are “owner” as a user,
select the Permissions tab and in the permission entries Users (Jan-PCUsers)

Select Change permissions and in the screen Permission Entries for WinRar you now see that the current permissions are not set to Full control.

Check the box Full control.




Close the Properties screen and re-open again and see the change.

In this sample, replace the statements (Jan-PC) with your own indication.

WARNING: if you don’t know what you are doing in a certain folder, nor can oversee the consequences of your action…don’t do it.

Changing permissions of folders and/or files can bee seen as a security hole in your system.