Saved .PLN files not visible in the Available Flight Plans

When you don’t see your saved .PLN flies in the Availabled flight Plans sub screen, you probably forgot to give it a Title. How to solve? Follow the next description and find out what happens.

  • Start P3D as Administrator
  • Open default flight
  • Choose menu Flight >> Flight Planner
  • Choose  Departure location: 00AL
  • Choose Destination: 00AZ
  • Choose Flight plan type VFR
  • Choose Routing VOR to VOR
  • saved_PLN02Press Find Route
  • Press Save…
  • Press OK
  • Press OK
  • Say Yes to move the aircraft a.s.p…
  • You will see the .PLN file with Windows Explorer, open it with an editor..
  • …but without a Title in the Load Flight Plan sub screen.
  • How should the xml   from the PLN look like?
  • Open the PLN with an editor (Notepad++), repeat the steps and checkagain.
  1. <?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”UTF-8″?>
  2. <SimBase.Document Type=”AceXML” version=”1,0″>
  3.     <Descr>AceXML Document</Descr>
  4.     <FlightPlan.FlightPlan>
  5.         <Title>Title MUST be filled here in the Title box</Title>
  6.         <FPType>VFR</FPType>
  7.         <RouteType>VOR</RouteType>
  8.         <CruisingAlt>12500</CruisingAlt>
  9.         <DepartureID>00AL</DepartureID>
  10.         <DepartureLLA>N34° 51′ 53.33″,W86° 46′ 13.00″,+000820.00</DepartureLLA>
  11.         <DestinationID>00AZ</DestinationID>

saved_PLN03Now the PLN file is saved with a title and is visible in the Available Flight Plans sub screen