Importing Missions in P3D14

  1. How to load a mission: Start the sim, from the menu bar select Flights >> Load and you get the Load Flight screen where you can select either Emergency, My Saved Flights or a Tutorial
  2. Where are the missions/flights stored inP3D?
    a. My Saved Flights: C:/Users/Jan/Documents/Prepar3D Files
    b. Your missions in F:/Prepar3D14/missions
    c. The Default Prepar3D flight, on the runway, in Norfolk, VA: in: F:/Prepar3D14/flights/other
  3. Having that clear, you might want to import (cut/paste) some of your favorite missions from FSX. There are some restrictions in using missions from FSX, because not always the aircraft used in the FSX mission is “active” in P3D.  So remind this.
  4. Step 1: go to FSX Missions folder (e.g. F:/FSX/Missions/Emergency) and select the folder F:/FSX/Missions/Emergency/Triangle; copy this folder
    Step 2: go to P3D folder  F:/Prepar3D14/missions/Emergency and paste the folder into it. DoneNow, since the Learjet45 (with which aircraft the mission is flown) is not fully installed, you need a panel and sound from the FSX installation. Read my other post how to fix this.
  5. After pasting you will find the Triangle mission in Load Flight overview.
  6. Select the mission and you will get the briefing screen.
  7. Ok and the mission will start. Have fun and save landings.
  8. Tip: the compass rose is activated by the U-key (if programmed).