SPAD Release V0.5.1

Hello Captains,
a latest version of SPAD is available.
Release v0.5.1- July 22nd, 2012

SPAD supports both FSx and P3D under the following conditions:
SPAD is based on FSUIPC and where both FSX and P3D are supported, SPAD will work.  Microsoft Flight Simulator default aircrafts (the ones that come with the package) are strictly developed using the recommended guidelines and use internal engine facilities (in particular the autopilot). These aircrafts work with SPAD out of the box.

Lockheed Martin P3D has not such a set of “default” aircrafts. Lockheed Martin packed a set of aircraft taken from different sources. Some of them should be considered as “add-on” aircraft, with POSSIBLE problematic support especially for the multipanel.

In conclusion.
SPAD is based on FSUIPC. FSUIPC supports P3D, so SPAD supports P3D.
SPAD is not able to “talk” directly to aircraft equipped with custom made autopilots.
There’s no warranty that every aircraft coming with P3D is based on standard autopilot.

Many thanks to Massimo for his work!