SFC System File Checker tool

If you encounter a strange behavior of your system or if the system sends you a message, indicating that some system file is damaged, the System File Checker might be able tohelp. Here is what you do:

Open an elevated Command Prompt (go to START and type CMD and select > Run as Administrator). Th efollowing DOS screen opens:

Type sfc /scannow into the Command Prompt window – note the blank in front of th eslash (/). This will run for a while.

When it is done, you can end up with the following different results:

1. SFC did not find any corrupted files

2. SFC did find corrupted files and was able to fix the files

3. SFC was not able to fix all corrupted files

In the cases 2 and 3, SFC stores the results in the CBS.log which you find in C:/Windows/LogsCBS/CBS.log. You can open this file with Notepad.