Multi Panel Configuration – Flaps

pmdgspad04Did you read this article? We will start at point 12 where we now will address the function of the FLAPS UP and FLAPS DN on the Saitek Multi Panel

13. In SPAD press the Flaps tab in the menu screen SPAD- Multi Panel Configuration.
Set the values of the Up and DOWN position as in the image below.pmdgspad0314. Press Click (for UP) and set in FSUIPC the Joy# 64 2 Btn# to Flaps Decr
15 . Press Click (for  DOWN) and set in FSUIPC the Joy# 64 3 Btn# to Flaps Incr


pmdgspad05pmdgspad0616. Done! Check the function in the virtual cockpit.

17. Add the information to your Virtual Button List


1=P64,0,C66079,0//gear up
2=P64,1,C66080,0//gear down
13=P64,2,C65759,0//flaps decr
14=P64,3,C65758,0//flaps incr