Saitek Switch Panel

This article will deal with the Saitek Switch Panel.

As in the other articles, connect the Switch Panel, start FSX with a C172 @ EHEH, activate SPAD with the Cessna Profile, double click your SPAD icon in the system tray and select the SwitchPanel1 tab. You observe the running lights from the Radio Panel, the Multi Panel and then the Switch Panel.

REMEMBER: SPAD is developed for single engine prop aircraft!
The C172 does not have a retractable gear, so that won’t work…we will use the GEAR UP /GEAR DOWN for the parking brake. Wait and see how this will be accomplished. First of all, check the functions of the switches. Set all the switches in the OFF position including the selector to start the engine.

OK, there we go:

  1. First we will change the function of the GEAR UP/GEAR DOWN handle into a handle for setting the parking brake. Select the Setup button of the Switch Panel and then tab Switches. We will decide that “GEAR UP” equals Parking Brakes released and “GEAR DOWN” as Parking Brakes Set.
  2. In the switched menu of SPAD select the button Gear Down; then set the bullet below to FSUIPC Virtual Button
  3. In FSX, go to Add-ons and activate the FSUIPC menu; select the tab Buttons + Switched and check box Profile specific.
  4. Now in the SPAD menu, press the button Click below Send Button to Flight Sim
  5. Then in the FSUIPC menu search for a line “Parking Brakes” below Control sent when button pressed.
  6. Understand that the number of Joy (64,0) is the same information that is visible in the SPAD menu
  7. If the brake handle is working in reversal, then hit the period key on the keyboard. You can observe that in t e virtual cockpit.
  8. The C172 has 1 engine so the Engine Starter Modus tab remains on Only Engine 1
  9. OK, done! Gear Down SET
  10. Now the multi panel: set master switches to on
  11. Select START with the selector and after the engine has started, place the selector in the BOTH/ALL position
  12. Activate the AVIONICS MASTER Switch: Radio Panel and Multi Panel will be activated.
  13. If it is dark, set PANEL lights ON
  14. Set BEACON ON
  15. Set NAV ON
  16. Set STROBE ON
  17. TAXI ON if you will taxi
  18. LANDING lights on @ departure
  19. PITOT HEAT ON when it is cold…
  20. Set Multi Panel and Radio Panel as in the other articles
  21. Full throttle, GEAR UP ..oeps RELEASE PARKING BRAKES
  22. Set in FSX the Visual Flight Path ON  (in Aircraft) to see what is happening @ EHVK approach.
  23. Good Luck! else read again this article.

The next article will be addressed to the TPM panel, Rudder Pedals and the working of FSUIPC and…we will get another aircraft for modelling.—===-