Saitek Multi Panel

spad10After the focus on the Radio Panel and general setup, the next step is the multi panel.
Connecting the Multi Panel and activating SPAD will also result here in running lights that show the presence of both panels. Star FSX, activate SPAD, select the Cessna Profile and in SPAD select the MultiPanel 1 tab.

In FSX: sit back with in cockpit view.

By default the FSUIPC offset is in place.
Turn the selector switch, push the buttons…it’s self explaining.
Don’t change anything. You may want to play with the sensitivity settings and the acceleration on the TRIM tab..

Personal I use High Sensitivity and Max Acceleration in the Cessna Profile.
OK, all set . Make a test flight to analyze your settings.

  1. Start FSX
  2. Activate SPAD
  3. Upper Radio Panel: NAV1 = 110,75 Activate
  4. Upper Radio Panel: NAV1 = 108,30 Activate (Freq. will swap!)
  5. Upper Radio Panel: NAV2 = 117,20 Activate
  6. Lower Radio Panel: ADF = 397,00 Switch to DME
  7. Multi Panel: ALT = 2700 ft
  8. spad12.gifMulti Panel: VS = 500 ft/min
  9. Multi Panel: HDG = runway heading 035
  10. Multi Panel: Auto Throttle = off
  11. Multi Panel: FLAPS = up (0)
  12. Multi Panel: PITCH TRIM = move until lever is at TO position
  13. Don’t  push the AP button yet!
  14. Full Throttle, release brakes…GO!
  15. At ~75 knots you are airborne; press HDG and ALT (AP will light automatically)
  16. At  (2) DME 117.20 = 5,5 nm you will be in level flight; reduce spreed  to 90 knots
  17. At  (2) DME 117.20 = 8,5 nm activate NAV1=110,75 and press APR on the Muti Panel
  18. If you have intercepted ILS 110,75 press APR on the Multi Panel
  19. Stay in the glide slope and use throttle to maintain speed 60 kts
  20. spad13.gifStill 2 panels to go… next panel is the Switch Panel and we will close with the TPM Unit Stay close!