Windows FSD Server

  1. Get the FSD for Windows archive from our OneDrive Archive (Contact us)
  2. Extract the files in a folder e.g. directly in the root of C:/.
    This is what you get: 2013/06/fsd4w01.jpg
  3. After extracting the server software is placed in the folder
    C:/FSD for Windows fsd Nothing to change here!
  4. In the folder C:/FSD for Windows you will find the following files. If there is any thing to change for your server environment, just (Click to read the changes) and a post will open to tell you. NEVER, EVER separate these 2 folders!
    1. bad_names.txt (No changes to the file)
    2. cert.txt 
    3. fsd.conf 
    4. fsd.exe 
    5. log.txt  
    6. metar.txt  
    7. motd.txt 
    8. network-stats.txt
    9. Readme.txt
    10. Run.bat
    11. server.ini (No changes to the file)
    12. server_windows.exe (for TeamSpeak) (No changes to the file)
    13. Service Install.bat (No changes to the file)
    14. Service Uninstall.bat (No changes to the file)
  5. Router ports to open:
    Take care that the ports in your local router are forwarded with the IP address from the server running FSD.
    The ports are as mentioned in the fsd.conf file.
    (TCP/UDP 3010-3011-6809- see the sample below)
  6. Starting the server:
    Place the Run.bat in the start up folder of Windows or send a shortcut to your desktop. Changes in the configuration files of the server during operation are not taken into account. You need to restart the server.
  7. Using FSD Server for Multiplay with FSX
    Use FSInn and FSCopilot.