How To Configure FSUIPC4

Created on december 1st, 2009

Configuration of  FSUIPC4 with


Basic instructions for configuration of FSUIPC with SAITEK Yoke, Rudder Pedals en Throttle Quadrant:

uncheck-controlsHow to configure a Button?

  1. In order to be able to use FSUIPC as a driver, it is necessary to disable the local controllers. So, Start FSX goto Options>>Settings>>Controls and uncheck on tab CALIBRATION  Enable Controllers; close with OK.
  2. In FSX goto Add-ons >>FSUIPC >> select Buttons + Switches >> check box Profile specific >> the aircraft name appears in the FSUIPC Options and Settings screen. (Don’t touch the hardware yet…)
  3. Just to follow the sequence of how to configure a button, e.g. on the yoke:
  4. buttons-switchesPress the joystick button you wish to program. Just below you see two boxes: PRESS and BUTTON.
  5. Now, press the little red button underneath the left yoke grip; the text in the boxes PRESS and BUTTON will change into a value of Joy# en Btn# (in my case Joy#1 and Btn#0) These numbers correspond with the information from the instruction for use from a Yoke or Joystick. In FSUIPC the Yoke: Joy#1 and the Buttons are numbered Btn#0 ./. Btn#39.
  6. Check the box Select for FS control and a field called Control sent when button pressed will open.
  7. In this drop down menu you make a choise for the function you want to attach to the button. Select AtC; close with OK. Done!
  8. Reminder: If you want the B1/B2 buttons for trim up/down, the command must be repeated. Configuring e.g. Elev Trim Dn (Up) check the box Control to repeat while held and set the same action again in the box below.

How to configure an Axis?

  1. Open FSUIPC with tab Axis Assignment
  2. Profile specific is grayed out and checked; look at the aircraft model on top of the screen
  3. Observe 2 boxes: MOVE en LEVER
  4. Move the handle of the yoke >> Joy#1 and X Axis#
  5. Fill at Type of action required Axis Ailerons Set and check the box
  6. Press Ignore Axis and take the elevator axis to move
  7. Fill at Type of action required Axis Elevator Set
  8. Press Ignore Axis for the next axis (Throttle e.g.); when the Ignore Axis knob is grayed, press Clr Ignores and proceed
  9. If no other axis appear, close FSUIPC and start again until all axis have been configured
  10. These are the axis to configure: Ailerons, Elevators, Rudder, Left Brake, Right Brake, Throttle, Propeller and Mixture
  11. Look at this table for the correct assignments.


When you move an axis fully from left to right, you will see the figurers running from  0 in the middle to -16384 and +16384