Add new scenery FSX W7.

There appears to be a bug with adding scenery to the FSX Scenery Library when running under Windows 7 RC 64. The normal procedure of using the ADD button and then navigating to the desired scenery location results in a “Scenery Not Found” message. What to do?


  • Have a good look if the scenery directory field is written including the name of the scenery; if the OK button does not want to register the scenery.
  • Instead of clicking on the scenery folder and clicking Add, now you need to click on the scenery folder, click add, then right click anywhere in the white area of the folder.
  •  In Settings choose Scenery Library, click Add Area, then locate your folder and select it.
  • The full path will show as: Directory (left of the OK button).
  • Click OK, in Vista this returned, in Windows 7 it clears the Directory window and shows the Scenery and/or Texture folder names.
  • Now right click somewhere in that large white area below the folder names and the area is added. Only the right click is new, but vital. Check, check double check! Go to C:\Users\YourName\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\FSX\ and find the scenery.cfg
  • Check if the required scenery is written in the table.
  • It should look like:


Title=Addon Scenery
Local=Addon Scenery

Take care that the Addon Scenery is the last Area.nnn in the scenery.cfg file AND that in the SETTINGS-SCENERY LIBRARY screen it reads Priority 1