Flight Simulator X Gold Edition [en]


Flight Simulator X Gold Edition or Deluxe Edition:
The FSX Gold Edition contains three DVD’s and the last DVD (blue / gray) is the Expansion Acceleration Pack.
Disc 1 and Disc 2 are the same as in the Deluxe Edition.
Installing Acceleration is processed after disc 1 and disc 2 are installed.
A “clean install” of FSX Deluxe; this is the order of installation.

Install FSX by default on another disc then where the OS resides: e.g. D:/FSX

1. After installation of disc 1 and disc 2
Version number is 10.0.60905.0 (You can check this after you’re booted, from the Help)
Size: 13.0 GB (13.993.566.208 B) being 41964 files in 1358 directories.
If you want to install Acceleration as well, do it WITHOUT the Service Packs SP1 and SP2! Skip steps 2 and 3. Continue with step 4.
Our FSE Standard Configuration is FSX +SP1+SP2

2. Install SP1 (file name: fsx_sp1_ENU 208.0 Mb)

After installing, the version number increased to 10.0.61355 fsx_sp1.20070510-2038
OS: W7, Vista of XP_SP2
Size: 13,0 gB (13.975.834.624 B)  being 42016 files in 1358 folders.

3. Install SP2 (file name fsx_sp2_ENU 166 Mb)
After installing the version number increased to 10.0.61472 fsx_sp2.20071210-2023
Size: 13.2 GB ( B) being 42355 files in 1371 directories.
SP2 detects whether you have a standard version or a the Deluxe version and installs the proper files needed.

Use this set up as a default installation: FSX + SP1 + SP2


Since FSX is a 32 bits application and probably you run FSX on a 64 bits machine (W7-64 or W8-64) the fsx.exe executable will handle no more then 2 GB address space in the virtual memory. Therefore this file must be patched to let them use 4GB of virtual memory on x64 platforms.

4. Installing FSX X
On the X DVD the Service Packs 1 and 2 are included; The version number is 10.0.61637.0

5. Downgrading of FSX X
When you want to remove FSX Acceleration X, the version number is set back to 61355 (read above).

Important note: in order to be able to multi-play in a Local network you MUST install SP2 to a version of 61472.
After removing FSX-X you are missing the additional airplanes. See the list on Wikipedia

IMPORTANT NOTE: the SP2 update does not contain the code that can control the airplanes in FSX-X. Therefore it is not done to copy/paste those airplanes folders from other sources into the ../Simobjects/Airplanes folder. The Aircraft supplied with FSX X only run with the acceleration pack. In community flying in a local area network or via WAN (INTERNET) sometimes FSX will crash when the versions  used by other captains are not equal or an aircraft is used that is developed for FSX X. Remember that there are 3 different versions of fsx.exe
So check the version you are running now in the root of FSX: »
either d:/FSX or
C:/Program Files (x86)/Microsoft Games/Microsoft Flight Simulator X/.
Find the fsx.exe file, right click and select Properties